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“If you can communicate well you can do anything.”

The Way With Words is more than a public speaking book. It is a companion – a personal guide that walks with you through every social communication skill you will need to hone.

Abounding with illustrations and audio & visual examples that bring these vital skills to life, The Way With Words can do more than help you prosper as a leader and communicator – it can help you succeed in life.

More than just a public speaking manual

Communication is the most basic human function. It underpins every human endeavor and drives forward collective achievement. Mastering the art of communicating on media and before groups can help you reach your goals, whether they be related to career, community or family. Successful social communicators are always at the forefront of achievement, leadership and success.

The Way With Words is written to help you. Starting with the most basic foundation skills, it gradually builds proficiency in all of the competencies required for presenting yourself in social settings. Using the field of public speaking as a model, author Mark Porter logically introduces one skill at a time, analyzing each new ability and illustrating how to master its application.

What do you do with your hands? When is it best to employ humor? How can you incorporate examples, and which are the best type to use? What if you are called upon to read in public? Or (shock/horror) are called upon to make a presentation with no warning at all?

All of these decisions can be handled smoothly and proficiently with the right technique. The Way With Words equips you with all you need to handle every form of public communication capably and with confidence. With an abundance of visual and audio files to expand your learning experience, The Way With Words is all you will need to enhance your skills as a social communicator in the modern world.

The Way With Words is divided into two sections. Part 1 concentrates on crafting your perfect presentation: Tips on research, grabs, the structure of an ideal speech, timing, working from an outline, and other principles of a great presentation are all laid out in detail. Part 2 concentrates on delivery: Correct use of voice, body language, visual aids, audience contact and equipment, amongst other skills and techniques are comprehensively analyzed.